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30 years of PinkFloyd in 17 Minute Video

Pink Floyd

30 years of the band in 17 Minutes

SEPTEMBER 29, 2011

This trailer for Pink Floyd's new complete albums box set tells the band's entire story in 17 minutes. That may sound like a long time, but Pink Floyd have songs that are longer than that – and the band's story is pretty epic. This video starts with the 1960s psychedelic Syd Barrett era and runs through their stadium-packing days in the 1970s, the crack-up in the 1980s and the final album and tour in the 1990s. It's interspliced with new interviews and familiar archival video of live performances and footage from The Wall movie and other videos. 


  1. I like Link Floud very much. They are really cool and their music is wanderful.

  2. The group entered the history of the music world. Its members have created a large number of these hits, which we appreciate to this day.

  3. Such hits that were created by this band have already become a classic of world music and therefore the memory of this group will live long.